Impact Church’s vision is to teach people the Word of God in a way that is clear & concise and that is easily understood & applied. We will provide believers the training and support to aid them in fully recognizing their righteousness in Christ and in completely fulfilling their God given P…U…R…P…O…S…E. That is to develop a genuine passion for God, to obtain an Understanding of God’s Word, to learn how to Represent Christ with Integrity, to cultivate a heart to Pursue the Lost and Wounded, to establish a sense of Order and Unity within the Body, to offer continuous Service to God & His people and to nurture Excellence in Spirit in all things.
The Seven (7) Pillars of Purpose
  • To teach a lifestyle of worship versus the simple practice of it.
  • To offer line upon line simplistic expounding of the scriptures, which ultimately enhances the believer’s ability to live a life of worship before God.
  • To create models and training that develops sound, well-balanced believers of all ages, cultures & nationalities, who are full of integrity and truth.
  • To cultivate a heart and a compassion for the lost and the backslidden and to impart the tools necessary to successfully pursue and to reach them.
  • To create permanent structure and programs that foster oneness and unity within the body, while smothering the growth of strife/division.
  • To develop ministries and leaders that reflect a love for God through service to His people.
  • To promote the quality of excellence in all manners of living and service, inside & outside of the church.
To Accomplish Our Vision, We Will:
  • Establish a catechism program for the lay person.
  • Open an Operation Blessing Center, providing food and clothing services to the poor.
  • Open a refuge for abused women & single mothers.
  • Establish an institution that ministers to the incarcerated, drug addicted & abused and train them in liberty, restoration, re-entry & self-sufficiency (God dependency).
  • Establish Impact Academy, a school for Kindergarten – 12th grade.
  • Establish a university of higher learning stressing academic excellence through the promotion of biblical truths.
  • Establish viable & effective campus ministries at universities in the area.
  • Reach out through the medium of radio.
  • Reach out through the medium of television.