New Membership Classes

Membership classes are offered twice a month and is a subset of our Growth Track Program. The Growth track program consists of classes that are designed for the development and maturity of individuals. This series of classes 101 thru 501, cover becoming new creature in Body of Christ to being a messenger of God. To become a member you must complete class 101 on Membership. All classes must be completed to receive full credit for program. These classes are offered ever second Saturday and Sundays of the month from 9:30am to 12:30pm at no cost.
See below brief description of classes offered:
*Membership: This class session provides a basic introduction to Impact Church South Florida and is designed to clearly explain what our church is about. This class will also cover some of the key principles and elements in the Body of Christ.
Maturity: The focus of this class is on the habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow to spiritual maturity. The participants will be equipped with the skills and tools they need to grow spiritually.
Ministry: Now that the individuals are committed to church membership and a Christian lifestyle for spiritual maturity, they are ready from ministry. You will discover your personality type and gifts and your best fit in ministry. This class will also provide you the opportunity to select the are of ministry that will best express what God made them to be.
Mission: This class provides the individuals the opportunity to discover their MISSION in the world. The goal is for each participant to commit the rest o their life to being a messenger of God’s good news to other people, and use their time, talents, and treasure for His Kingdom, regardless of where it leads or what it costs.
Worship: The focus of this class is to surrender those areas of your life to God that have not been surrendered. This is a two day event that is held offsite as announced.
*Once an individual completes the membership class, they are an official member of Impact Church.
For more information regarding this program and/or enrollment deadlines please contact